Due to the high quality and robust build of Trace Elliot during the late 1970s, it quickly became known as the serious amplification line that professional bass players needed, and it wasn’t long before many high profile players were using them. As these products became more and more visible in concerts and on TV, the demand grew throughout the ‘80’s.
A decade later, with the bass products firmly established, another niche was seized upon with the introduction of the Trace Acoustic range. With many innovative features, these were the first truly successful products of their type which satisfactorily addressed many of the problems of amplifying acoustic instruments. Changing the marketplace again, this kind of product is now standard in the range for most amplification companies. The current products continue the Trace Elliot and Trace Acoustic legacy and a clear bloodline in features, styling and sound is apparent, albeit with state of the art components, technology and manufacturing processes.